Live-Stream the biggest day of your life!

Stress no longer about venue size or out of town family/friends

One of the hardest parts of planning a wedding is planning around everyone's unique schedules, particularly of those who live out of state or country. Or battling to decide if it will be possible to have the small ceremony that you always thought of. At Evolvement Media this is no longer a problem. We are able to put your wedding ceremony live and online for all those who you want to access it. It can be as public as you want, like right off your personal facebook. However it can also be a private YouTube event that the URL is given to a select number of people.

Now this isn't going live off of someone's iPhone, this is with multiple cameras, professional audio and the highest quality of equipment. Throw away the long guests list, stop stressing about family and friends who can't make it out of state and book with us Evolvement Media. The added little bonus on top is that we then immediately download the ceremony as it ends and hand it over for a keepsake for you and for the kids down the line. Reach out today to learn how we can live stream your wedding day.